Saturday, July 12, 2008

In Which I Am Also Racist

Yesterday one of my games folded so I decided to try a new setting with some new players. I don't know what it's called yet but so far it's been described back to me as "Arcanapunk". It looks like some kind of Schizo Tech setting to me so far, and yes, I am going to tag it every time I link tvtropes.

Anyway, as far as not being Tolkienesque goes, the races (so far) are a bit of a step up:

  • Generic humans ranging from "dapper steampunk gentlemen" to "theocratic steampunk (dapper) paladins" to "evil devil-worshipping dieselpunk gentlemen (who may also be dapper)";
  • Vaguely Icelandic arctic elves with an approach towards technology which is apparently "Orky" in hindsight;
  • Actually-Small dwarves with "beer, mining and axes" replaced with "biology, nature and medicine" and a "mad scientist" bent";
  • Tieflings with the old draenei 3rd Edition look because I liked it and a backstory partially taken from 4th Edition, without the eyeshadow and "deep" personally-selected names;
  • Killoren pinched from Races of the Wild because someone suggested it was an okay idea;
  • Neogi minus the spaceships and with Glukkon-esque commercialism.
See? Slightly better. We're not just taking a cardboard cutout from Tolkien's trash bin and giving it a paint job, we're cobbling together our own cardboard cutout with bits out of other people's bins.

Too bad I'm still apparently incapable of putting in humans who aren't white dudes. There's still plenty of room in this setting for me to play Diablo II draw on more exotic and diverse real-world cultures in order to add new peoples, though, I guess.

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Jay said...

You know me, Ettin, I've got the jungle fever bad.
Yet I realized much to my horror a while back that in my beloved "Sandstorm" setting, renowned for it's "All Mediterraneans are the same gun-totting mystery men who never appear in a session" style of variety and diversity, I had included only one location where'st true black people could be found. The bottom of the continent. In the jungle. Chased by elves and dragons.
So, relax. Even the most afrophiliac of us can pretty much just forget to include black people at times.