Saturday, July 12, 2008

Seriously Guys, What The Hell

And more than one update a month! Two in a day, even. And it's not filler.

I'm going to cut right to the chase: If you are cybering with your characters, nobody needs to know.

I play online, can you tell? I like it, actually. I can play NPCs like Xaviana the elf princess without feeling silly. Still, sometimes you run into things you just don't want to see. Or exist.

Normally I don't care if you're homosexual or asexual or a transsexual with self-diagnosed Asperger's or you make your girlfriend dress up as a bear when you do it or whatever, but you don't have to be a pervert about it. I've described this before as "This Is My Fetish", the act of forcing your personal "tastes" on a game. Now I'm expanding it to players.

I don't mind sex in games. I personally enjoy romantic interests (particularly as plot devices) and the like, although I make a point of fading to black if and when the bedroom antics start. And if you want to actually cyber with the other PCs, sure, whatever. Not in game, obviously.

However, there are some huge "NO"s I think should be adhered to lest some big whiny hypocrite draws a stick figure cartoon about you:

  • Your character does not need to be defined in terms of a fetish. Your PC is not an "elf shota". I know what the word means, go to hell. Similarly, "gay dwarf warlock" is a little unnecessary. You can play it, but still.
  • Stressing the "deep and complex relationships between the PCs" if they are there is all well and good, but not to the detriment of the actual game, particularly if by "deep" you are referring to how far you have penetrated the party cleric. I personally prefer it when you put the adventure on hold to mount each other outside the session.
    • On that note, if you can remember all your PC's sexual relationships but not what happened adventure-wise three hours ago, there's a problem.
  • Don't discuss it in public. Augh. The above actually happened, though not to me. My DM friend in question has been actively avoiding finding out the details, but it's a little hard when his players are sitting around in a public IRC room justifying the paladin putting it in the "loli psion". And when one of his mates is giving the paladin constant shit about it, but I digress.
If you want to make babies with another PC, it's your prerogative. Hey, maybe we can do a campaign set in the future and you can play their kid. Whatever. Just... don't make a big deal out of it.

Of course, I won't outright ban that shit if it somehow seeps in, because I tend to allow things I don't like and let the rage levels rise until the grudge NPCs come out of the woodwork instead. The only things I'll outright ban are the stranger things such as furries, incest (which is reserved for creepy villains, thank you) and pedophilia.

Yes, I have to specify. God damn it, Internet.


Anonymous said...

But wait, you knew ahead of time that this campaign was for players to do random bullshit and cyber. :D

Ettin said...

That's why I'm not playing in it.