Thursday, September 25, 2008

Maybe It's Just Me

Incidentally, when I said that thing about the bard I actually meant "new abilities to give the bard base class", but hey. Anyway, I decided everyone who posted wins, just because, and also Bolt (one of my players) for suggesting giving the bard air guitar. Make requests and they will happen (before the end of the year, honest!).

Incidentally, here's what happened in my games while I was out:

First is a steampunk 3.5 game I've mentioned here a few times. Basically, only two of the players have been able to be consistent. One of them kept missing sessions because of his girlfriend (or a storm in one case, I believe), and another made it to a fair few sessions but also suddenly disappeared (occasionally while still connected, so it took a while to notice) halfway through them, for various reasons.

Also fine, except he ended up quitting; his main reason was that the game was too focused on the two PCs who were doing most of the adventuring by virtue of actually being present. Gah.

The game stagnated for about a month because people the players tried to bring in to fill the gap couldn't make it, and the third guy was still missing games. Happily, just before I was about to replace him, he finally got his shit sorted out and we picked up a fourth, so we're doing pretty well now. Now you know what the "strip"'s about, though.

The next two are BESM, so the anti-Japanese can skip.

Anyway, the real BESM game I run is actually a detective game set in a modern Earth with lots of hidden things like magic, gods, aliens, immortal pirates, talking Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems, etc. (I use BESM because it's easier than cramming this into d20, you see). That one's actually going well. Therefore, I have nothing to complain about. Moving on!

Sometime in the last month or so I was semi-asked by a bunch of pals to run a BESM game... about Pokemon. Which was fine, I guess. I was partially running it because one of said pals had been wanting to run one and was pretty mopey about nobody being interested, so I bet I could totally stir up interest. I did.

We didn't play.

Oh, I put in the effort - sheeted things, helped others with their sheet, woke up at 8AM since I wasn't near the same timezone as the others - but it didn't work out. First week, one player was unavailable without warning, a few others hadn't finished their sheets and another didn't bother because he was hoping others wouldn't be ready. Mostly fine, so I waited until week two, when the same player was unavailable, another was busy, etc. We had just enough to go anyway, until one of them declared he was tired and went to bed. So I waited until the third week, when only one person showed up, and cancelled it there and then.

Not too big a deal, since I was running freaking Pokemon, but still. Maybe it is just me.

I'm going to do some research and see how good a DM I am, apart from all the words words words and whine whine whine.


Urch said...

I think you're an awesome DM Ettin D:
Even when you get creeped out I use paddling people with a cane as a method to boost my chance to intimidate!

Ettin said...

Just because you're a grumpy old man doesn't mean you can paddle tieflings willy-nilly!

Urch said...


fluffums said...

No, you're an awesome DM. It's just players being players. It shouldn't be so difficult to put aside a few hours every week to play a game when you know the schedule ahead of time :(

Ettin said...

Shut up and criticise me.