Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Error

How do I explain gently and tenderly that you, my not so gentle reader, are not your character? How do I convey the proposition that when writing, I expect to be read by corporeal entities and not by fictional, abstract manifestations of those corporeal minds? How shall I make it clear that the use of the second person pronoun, i.e., "You," was implied to mean the individual whose corporeal eyes might chance to glance upon the screen and make sense of the words being used?

The above, hoity toity as it sounds, has been a carefully wrought collection of nouns, verbs, adjectives and so on, meant to convey an accurate message. The hope would be that through the use of large, specifically assigned words from the English language, they might be less misunderstanding. A vain hope, I'll grant...but being accused of vanity would be the least of recent accusations.

You, the poor, wounded reader who has come to this page and felt much maligned, are the reader of this text. And you, poor reader, are--

No, wait, that's not right.

So, people keep asking me if I've really been DMing since 1980, what with me being so hip and all. Well, no, I was screwing around. Check the comments page on that post.

We'll return to your regular self-important rambling sometime this week.

That is all.


HURRRRRR said...


Anonymous said...

I'm telling mom!

Heretics Anonymous said...

I shouldn't have laughed so hard.

Ettin said...

Some people are still confused so I am going to make it clearer:

I did not write "You're Not A Fucking Hero".

Some other guy did and I was just poking fun at it, only I just copy-pasted it since it basically makes the joke for me (oh, snap!)

Seriously though, not my OP.