Sunday, March 29, 2009

Super Amazing Anniversary Spectacular Go

CR25 Hypermitotic Dungeon Master is now a year old.

There's not much I can say.

Actually, yes there is. Normally I try not to get a big head and act pretty reserved or make fun of myself but today, I am awesome. And so are my stick figure comics and their giant tl;dr blocks of text! All I need to do now is enter a Wizards campaign setting contest and come second place!

I can't even remember when this started, exactly - the above is the first image in that style I saved and posted, and honestly I forget when I posted it. Or if I did at all. I don't remember scanning this shit. My computer says sharkcannon.png was created on the 13th of January, 2008, but I think it is lying. (The first TJH was drawn on the 23rd of May, 2007.)

This blog has come along way, at least when compared to the original comics scratched out and posted as the This Just Happened series on /tg/. Well, not that long, but whatever.

I would like to thank the following people and go back to the game I just put on hold while I typed this:
  • /tg/, for inspiring me to do this thing and for any time it is not acting like /b/ with Warhammer;
  • LordLicorice, for making the awesome sup/tg/ and hosting the old comics (including the Fictional Boogaloo ones which never actually happened), and being a swell guy in general;
  • Everyone in #suptg who is also a swell guy;
  • Urch for being a cool player and also helping inspire Sir Brian Consumptington which I promise I will put into an actual game one of these days
  • All of my other players, who are nice guys, really.
  • Except you. Fuck you.
  • All the readers who have read this thing, especially the ones that comment and make me feel special.
Here's to the year ahead. Hopefully I haven't jumped the shark yet!


Karizma said...

Can I increase my thank-itude by commenting on what a rather large mansausage you possess, and how the genius of your humor is only matched by your cunning wit and rivaled only by your devilishly good looks?

Because I'm not sure that's worth it.


Cooked Auto said...

How can you jump the shark when it's already been fired out of a cannon?

Ettin said...

By firing yourself out of a second, possibly larger, cannon.

Also: I would thank you and call you a liar.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so it was you who did Sir Brian as well. Swell.