Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I've Lost My Mojo

It happens every couple of years or so.

At first this delay in updates was technical: I lost possession of my copy of Photoshop, for example. Then I got caught up in RL business and my computer busted (I am posting this from my new, super-fancy one). There was a whole month in between when I could have at least made a non-animated comic, though, and the reason for that is simpler:

I burned out.

It happens. Games just started to feel more like work, and usually if a game becomes that you should stop playing it unless you're a World of Warcraft fan. I don't like just cancelling games on people, though, so I've been foolishly trying to ride it out.

I haven't been posting because I haven't felt like I have anything to write about and I refuse to make a post without a comic, but maybe we can take some time to sort out why that is.

It's probably because I've been running so many games.

At the moment I have a lot of free time and I have filled it with online D&D. I run 5 games and play in 2 - not every day of the week, obviously, most of them are in back-to-back night-time D&D blocks - and that's a lot to plan for.

Okay, I lie. Word of advice: If you ever want to learn how to come up with a good gaming session on the fly, do it five times a week.

Really though, it's still a lot. And up until recently, I've run a lot of solo games as well. These aren't much - generally dice-less stuff with a friend to flesh out background elements of my settings and campaigns. There is one guy who expects a proper campaign with dice-rolling and mapped-out dungeons and everything, but that's because he has had a shortage of games recently (he is a little pickier than most and refuses to play with most of our gaming group, meaning he rarely gets to play; I tried once, by inviting only people he approved of, but when a couple of them could no longer make it there were no replacements left.)

This isn't a HUGE problem, at least, because a) a lot of those games are grouped together so I only play like 3 days a week, really, and b) that guy is cool with not doing anything for a while because I am too busy for it.

It's still a problem, though, and one compounded by the fact that I haven't had a "week off" from gaming in a long time. After a while, it starts to wear you down, I guess. I'd like a weekend where I don't actually do anything, and...

Oh, wait.

So I wrote this over the last week or so, and now that the "Thanksgiving, My Birthday (was on the 27th, by the way!), Christmas" period has hit, I've had more time off recently. I'm starting to feel better, actually.

If my situation doesn't improve, there's only one sensible thing to do: stop playing. If it's getting me down, I can't run a game well, and if I can't do that then what's the point?

There's nothing I can do right now but wait a couple weeks and see how I feel. Fingers crossed.

And happy birthday to me, by the way.


Fluffums said...

I know the feeling very well, and figured it would happen to you sooner or later. You should probably wrap up one or two of your games if possible by the New Year's, and refuse to start any more to replace them. I know most players wouldn't want that to happen, but if the alternative is you not running games at all, they might understand.

Ettin said...

Not without sudden and extremely strange plot resolutions, unfortunately. I might take Christmas off, though.

DeadlyGrim said...

Happy belated birthday to you, by the way.

Ettin said...

Update on the mojo front:

Games cancelled over Christmas break. I actually enjoyed a 4th-edition game with my RL friends this week.

Things are turning around.

Greg said...

Yay for that!