Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Back, Baby

It's still January! I'm okay! And my mojo's back!

There are oh so many reasons for this delay. Let's not get into them. It's a new year and a new start, more or less, so let's talk about that instead. And a few other things I wanted to clear up.

Still Not Awesome

Apparently since I made that post about that page on TVTropes where people post "awesome" stories about their characters that are actually really terrible, a couple of readers decided to add a message to the page calling everybody on it retarded. It lasted four days, someone removed it, it was reposted, it lasted nine hours, deleted, reposted for almost twelve hours, deleted, etc. Eventually someone came along and banned them while claiming the edits only lasted half an hour, adding " It really is a wonder he can type, with that kind of IQ."

Let it be known that this blog totally does not condone vandalising TVTropes until you get banned by someone who can't count, no matter how hilarious. If you want to help, try cleaning the page up and adding some non-terrible stories. Once I figure out how tvtropes works and make sure I won't get yelled at for it, I will totally try and prune some of the worse stories, but who knows.


I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I've been feeling a little disconnected from the online world. I know the Internet isn't all one big happy community, but aside from some IRC rooms I frequent I don't really have anywhere D&D-related to hang out. I have accounts on GiantITP and but I never post. Hell, recently I was so hungry for a bit more action in my D&Ding life that I considered going to Gen Con Australia and not even the picture they have on their website of an overweight lady wearing cat ears and playing the Pokemon TCG turned me off the idea.

I'm thinking about hitting up those places I just mentioned, maybe some other forums. I haven't posted anywhere since WotC years ago (my players found a thread where I was seeking advice on what to do about their silliness and decided to post in it and bitch at me about it) and /tg/ on 4chan, which I've been visiting only sporadically for like a year (I got tired of the basement-dwellingly large number of threads about sex). I'm a little shy, honestly. Once I figure out what would be a good D&D site to visit, I'll let you know.

On that note, I've been tempted to start Twittering. It's struck me as pointless so far but maybe telling people about my bowel movements will cheer me up.

This Blog and Where to Take It

I've been insisting on attaching pictures to every post so far, but now I don't know.

Does this blog have enough content to get away with an image-less post every once in a while? Maybe I could write a few "Tips from the Amateurs" about campaign and NPC design that I've been thinking about without having to think of a comic to draw first. I don't know, though. If anyone out there actually gives a damn, let me know.


My 4E game is almost over, and let me tell you:

It kind of sucks.

Not the system itself. Honestly, I don't mind it. (At least one of my players thinks it's a system for playing a videogame with "D&D" written on it, though.) The adventure module Keep on the Shadowfell, however, is absolutely fucking awful. It is average at worst and mind-bogglingly, giraffe-chewingly stupid at best. Or maybe the other way around. I'm not going to go on about it because this guy said it a lot better than I could.

Makes me worry, though. Can I still write about 3.xth Edition and BESM, a system which as far as I know nobody has supported in years, and still be cool relevant? Do I run the risk of becoming a grumbly old bastard, talking nostalgically about a previous edition that wasn't that great? Because when I started playing that was like 2nd Edition.

It's a lot to think about. I'll mull it over a bit and get back to you.