Monday, June 20, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Non-Offensive Blog Post

So, if any of you three readers who aren't my mother haven't heard about it - and let's be honest, you have, because this story is bigger than New Zealand - Wizards of the Coast pulled one Uri Kurlianchik's article from their website after a lady called Kynn posted screenshots of his public Buzz feed.

I could write something about it, but I'll just let the man's Twitter feed do the talking, because he says it better than I:

Today was a victory for darkness, for BADD, for Mary Whitehouse, for Joseph McCarthy. Utter defeat for diversity and freedom of speech.

I used to have a shock humor buzz shared only with a few friends. Deleted it when realized others were reading it too. It was a silly joke.. was printscreened, kept for months for the sole purpose of "punishing" me some day. Posts were Cherry-picked to find most inflammatory.

So, this buzz was a joke taken off the internet half a year ago and preserved on someone's PC - only select bits of it, of course.

And if you don't know what Poe's law is, I very much suggest you read about it now...

It's really sad some people are unable to tell the difference between a report of observation and a suggested course of action. Is vs should

Example: "40% of people killed in car accidents in are Arabs" - it's a fact. "Arabs just can't drive" - it's bigotry. See difference?

This is why his article was pulled? Because of a few joke posts about domestic violence being the woman's fault and wanting to murder people and rape their daughters reposted by some fuckwombats copy-pasting only the juicy bits?

Come on, Wizards. You published Book of Vile Darkness and Hero Builder's Handbook, and this is where you draw the line? Please.

Luckily, Uri is capable of defending himself, explaining clearly that it is a joke while accusing his detractors of robbing him of his freedom of speech, aka the right to express his personal opinions. If the internet trolls out there aren't curb-stomped by this two-pronge attack, his back can be considered had by James Desborough, author of The Quintessential Temptress, Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers, Encyclopedia Arcane: Nymphology and Hentacle, who has dealt with women's issues and touchy subjects in tabletop gaming before.

As well as pointing out the Poe's Law trap wizards has fallen into, he compares Uri's posts to comedy sketches like this one, where over-the-top bigotry is clearly the joke.

And that's what this is - over-the-top bigotry.

The problem is, on the internet, it is hard to tell when someone's being serious, because you can't add a laugh track or a disclaimer to say you're joking. So really, all of those people up in Uri's grill for jokingly pretending to be an anti-feminist who wants to rape women need to realise that it's a joke, and you can't be offended at jokes.

He makes an even better point later, when Sarah Darkmagic advises James to stop attacking his assailant's gender identity or she won't be his wingman and help him score some transgendered ass.

Basically, it is acceptable to direct offensive slurs towards someone provided you don't like them.

So what the hell is the big deal? If I'm a mysogynist, I hate women, and I can talk about them crazy bitches all I want because that is kind of my thing. If I'm not a mysogynist, and I'm clearly not because I said so, then I just think talking about them crazy bitches is funny. And who would care about that?

Crazy bitches, that's who.

Anyway, this is great, because I can get something off my chest now.

Ever wondered why there are no black people in my setting?

Sure, I've said it's because my knowledge of many real-world cultures beyond the broader strokes could fit in a chimpanzee's ear-hole, but I say a lot of things.

No, I just don't have any because I don't like Muslims.

Not many people know this, but a relative of mine was arrested years back as part of a sting which took out a Sydney terrorist cell. A few years later he was finally released, partly because he only happened to be a friend of the ringleader without realising he was a dirty terrorist and partly because while he was Muslim and had a beard, he was one of those white Muslims.

9/11 had already warned us about the dangers of Islam, but it took a relative being detained for years without trial to open my eyes: The threat was on our doorstep.

I'm sorry, but I'm just no longer comfortable with Muslims. They give me the willies. So I've been avoiding putting them in my setting, instead using more wholesome topics I can get behind like catering to my huge maid fetish.

So, yeah, no black people in my setting.

Hope that's cool.

There's more I want to say, but I have some Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel Edition to enjoy. I'll catch you crazy bitches later.


CHIRUNO said...

The best of this was that literally my planned character for any sequel to Aftermath was going to be middle eastern :B

Mozai said...

I try to avoid putting Christians in my settings. This dude who was a buddy of mine, and Christian, invited me to come along to this get-together they have on Sundays. I figured sure, why not, dude seemed cool and all.

Imagine my shock and disgust when I saw these Christians lining up at the front, on their knees while the dude in charge was sayin' he was feeding them bites of someone's flesh, and then passing around a goblet of some guys BLOOD like it was an Ozzy Osborne concert. Fuckin' cannibals, in my own damn neighbourhood. I felt like puking right then and there.

So, yeah, Christians kinda give me the willies too.

Jenx said...

Being one of the three people who read this AND not being your mom (I think...) I've also no fucking clue what this is about? Who is this guy who was making the jokes and why exactly are Wizards of the Coast pissed at him?

Jack Flask, Maverick Barista said...

I hope you're happy Ettin. I have just drafted you as coach of my Fantasy Fantasy Football team. Now go make me proud.

On a more serious note have you ever though of doing some of the 40k PnP games?

Ettin said...

@Jenx: Basically some guy has been writing articles about "D&D for Kids" on WotC's site and they pulled the latest one (about young girl gamers) down because it turns out posting rampant mysogyny on the Internet is a terrible idea.

I happened to see most of the response on Twitter yesterday (yes I am a twittererer now!) and it was basically amazing in every way.

@Jack: I played Dark Heresy once. Kind of. We rolled characters and then the DM never actually ran. I was a guardsman!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rather than repeating Kynn's misrepresentations or passing judgement on things you clearly haven't looked too deeply into you might want to get some alternative outlooks and information. Or not. Just be aware that all is not necessarily as you think it appears in the light of artificial hysteria.

Al-X said...

"James Desborough, author of The Quintessential Temptress, Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers, Encyclopedia Arcane: Nymphology and Hentacle, who has dealt with women's issues and touchy subjects in tabletop gaming before." the most offensive, juvenile, and sexist way possible...

Ettin said...

Honestly, I can at least say I have seen worse.

Like FATAL. Even if using that as an example is cheating.

CHIRUNO said...

Ettin, this moment.

It is your most glorious moment.

Embrace it, my friend.

Ettin said...

God, I hope not!