Monday, July 11, 2011

Not Even Remotely Funny

Well, that was fun. Long story short it turns out that guy liked Googling his name to find places to send his supporters to defend him, so I was totally a Z-list internet celebrity for a whole ten seconds. If only my post wasn't garbage.

Anyway, I promise to no longer write silly posts about people in the greater D&D community posting misogyny on the internet and people flipping out about it that I bumped into while perusing my usual D&D fora.

Instead, I have a less badly-written piece on why making D&D versions of commonly-used real-world cultures bores the shit out of me!

Unfortunately I'm busy finishing up a Machine of Death submission, so it's not done yet. Instead, have this silly post about people in the D&D community posting misogyny on the internet and people flipping out about it:

Here are a couple of ENWorld threads about a campaign that revolves around a struggle between an order of knights that "sexually liberates" women by abducting them and taking them to mind-control rape camps and their totally different opponents who herd women into forced breeding camps, in which the author asserts that women both deserve and desire to be raped.

And here's some slightly less horrifying posts about enforcing arbitrary stat changes to each gender and how women are supposed to be submissive.

No, I'm not making any terrible jokes about this.

I am just kind of leaving that there.

EDIT: The original point of this silly post was to have a giggle at the way forum moderation handled these posts (they didn't). However, in part thanks to the chaps over at grognards.txt, the rules have been changed to say that sort of shit is Not Cool. So, out of respect, I redacted this section. I'd paste the deleted text for the sake of completeness but nobody gives a shit.


Jenx said...

What the fuck is this Gorrean shit I'm reading here?! Dude, seriously, stop posting this kind of crap. It depresses me even more than I already am! ;/

DeadlyGrim said...

Man, there are right ways and wrong ways to do just about doing everything.

Look at William Moulton Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman. Old WW comics were just filled with BDSM ( of women getting tied up, submission and dominance, etc. And yet it ends up (for the most part) not being sexist. Hell, a lot of women embraced it as empowering.

The main reason I think it ends up that way, is because William Marston, for all his weird sexual hang-ups, fundamentally respected women. And I think that Hunter99 fundamentally does not.

Jenx said...


The reason why it didn't end up being sexist is because the creator of Wander Woman WANTED to make a strong female character, which is what he made. And in that case all the bondage and skimpy outfits don't really matter in the whole thing.

DeadlyGrim said...


Yeah, but Marston believed that there was strength in submission, as well as domination. The bondage is part of it. Exhibits A through ... whatever:
"Bind me!"
Aphrodite's Law
Bracelets of Submission