Sunday, August 7, 2011

ENnie Awards, 2011

Best RPG Whose Place In The ENnie Awards Is Even Remotely Interesting
GOLD: The Dresden Files RPG (Evil Hat Productions)
SILVER: Pretty Much Everything (Not WotC or Paizo)

Best RPG Book Which Should Have Won More Awards
GOLD: Gatecrashing (Posthuman Studios)
SILVER: Literally Everything Else ( Posthuman Studios)
Honorable Mention: Anything not by WotC, Paizo or Posthuman Studios

Best Dungeons & Dragons Product
GOLD: Dungeons & Dragons (Wizards of the Coast)
SILVER: Pathfinder RPG (Paizo Publishing)

Best RPG I Really, Really Hope Hasn't Died Since I Last Heard Of It
GOLD: Planescape (sob)
SILVER: CthulhuTech (Wildfire still publishes that, right?)

Best Most Terrible Forum
GOLD: /tg/ (4chan)

Loudest, Dumbest Fans
GOLD: Paizo Publishing
SILVER: Wizards of the Coast

Worst Cover That Somehow Got Nominated
GOLD: Shadowrun: AtTITude (See What I Did There)
SILVER: Well The Rest Were Alright (I Guess)

Best Category I Know Nothing About
GOLD: Best Miniatures Product
SILVER: Best Podcast

Best Category I Should Probably Know More About
GOLD: Best Blog
SILVER: Best Podcast

Best Company I Couldn't Actually Tell You Anything About
GOLD: Cubicle 7
SILVER: Catalyst Game Labs

Best Place Ettin Has Never Been But Probably Should Go Sometime
GOLD: GenCon
SILVER: That Thai massage parlour on Main Street which is very clearly a brothel