Sunday, August 7, 2011

ENnie Awards, 2011

Best RPG Whose Place In The ENnie Awards Is Even Remotely Interesting
GOLD: The Dresden Files RPG (Evil Hat Productions)
SILVER: Pretty Much Everything (Not WotC or Paizo)

Best RPG Book Which Should Have Won More Awards
GOLD: Gatecrashing (Posthuman Studios)
SILVER: Literally Everything Else ( Posthuman Studios)
Honorable Mention: Anything not by WotC, Paizo or Posthuman Studios

Best Dungeons & Dragons Product
GOLD: Dungeons & Dragons (Wizards of the Coast)
SILVER: Pathfinder RPG (Paizo Publishing)

Best RPG I Really, Really Hope Hasn't Died Since I Last Heard Of It
GOLD: Planescape (sob)
SILVER: CthulhuTech (Wildfire still publishes that, right?)

Best Most Terrible Forum
GOLD: /tg/ (4chan)

Loudest, Dumbest Fans
GOLD: Paizo Publishing
SILVER: Wizards of the Coast

Worst Cover That Somehow Got Nominated
GOLD: Shadowrun: AtTITude (See What I Did There)
SILVER: Well The Rest Were Alright (I Guess)

Best Category I Know Nothing About
GOLD: Best Miniatures Product
SILVER: Best Podcast

Best Category I Should Probably Know More About
GOLD: Best Blog
SILVER: Best Podcast

Best Company I Couldn't Actually Tell You Anything About
GOLD: Cubicle 7
SILVER: Catalyst Game Labs

Best Place Ettin Has Never Been But Probably Should Go Sometime
GOLD: GenCon
SILVER: That Thai massage parlour on Main Street which is very clearly a brothel


Ran said...


Eclipse Phase is great stuff, too.

Mozai said...

32 items in those ENnie awards list, and I've only heard of 6 of them. And yet, I really don't feel like I'm out of touch: I knew Dresden Files RPG was a sure thing before GenCon did, and I've already been playing the the games that a third of those ENnie award winners were named after. (Shadowrun, still? and they're rebooting Battletech? what? Space:1889 is still alive? huh?)

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about the message parlor, now, Ettin? Let me tell you, it's horribly awkward when you're sure about these things and then it turns out that yes sir, the nubile young women in skimpy clothing offering "special" massages really are only offering special massages.

So, be sure. Preferdably through no less than three unbiased anonymous confessions.