Friday, December 23, 2011

In Which I Am Terrible At This

I don't play D&D any more.

Okay no, that is a dramatic lie. I did finally wrap up the years-long campaign sequel to my last campaign, though (YES!), and for various reasons, that was the only actually-D&D game I'd been running. (It's also going to be the last 3.5 game I ever run, with any luck!) Other than that I've been running Eclipse Phase and various games in BESM 3e (which I have since decided isn't that fun to run). Once those wrap up I plan to move into FATE and 4E.

Anyway, the point is I haven't actually been playing much D&D, and the D&D I have been playing is mostly 3.5. I think that's one edition too late to jump on the OSR bandwagon and start producing god-awful retroclones, so what the shit am I supposed to write about?

Also, okay: I have been busy elsewhere, writing pages and pages of whiny horseshit for FATAL And Friends, a Something Awful let's-read thread in which people pick terrible (or obscure) RPGs and mock/praise them as appropriate. Specifically I have been covering the run of CthulhuTech, a particularly heinous piece of trash, and it turns out I can write a lot of words about how not to handle rape in a tabletop game. If there's interest I might repost it here (perhaps in a cut-down version) so non-SA posters don't have to hope the paywall stays down to read them. If you do have an SA account: holy shit, go read the thread. It is great. Also, pick a game to post about!

That aside, it really shits me that a) I never finished my worldbuilding articles and b) my RSS feed still shows posts from a year and a half ago. I have to post something. I might start putting up (three-years-late) thoughts on 4E, or dedicate a few more posts to fellating Eclipse Phase. Actually, some anonymously cool dude had an idea on my last post two months ago:

"Hey Ettin you should discuss 40k. Especially now that Space Tomb Kings were leaked."

I think I will, because it would be hilarious. On the one hand, I have to confess I am not a fan of 40k for what I'd going to assume are the usual reasons for not liking 40k (in the grimdark darkness of the dark grimfuture there is only grimdarky grimmles). On the other hand, when this was suggested I spent an hour trying to find a book titled "Space Tomb Kings".

So, yeah. Tapping out for the rest of the year, then I'm going to ride this mondo blog-tiger and see where it goes. I promise 2012 will have far less posts about how I haven't been posting anything. Really!

Before I go, though, I want to mention two things:

First, How Not To Run A Game Business, an awesome blog about the RPG industry. Even if you don't agree with it, it is thought-provoking as balls. Also, grognard blogs hate it. What other reason do you need?

Second, I just checked what search terms led people here this week and I swear to God these are real:

• dnd goddess having sex
• dolphin sex is frustrating

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Jenx said...

I dunno about 40k, but I'd love to read something about FATE.

...actually I'd be happy to read ANYTHING from you! POST MOAR GODDAMIT!