Monday, January 2, 2012

CR25DM, 2E

To celebrate my 62nd post, I am changing the layout to something that lets me have wider posts. I find it more readable.

It's a little hacked-together now; I need to redo the title and side images and the footer image is gone for now. There are a lot of other little changes I'm probably forgetting, too. Also, it just inserted line break tags all over that post I just made and I need to work out how to make it cut that shit out.

Any suggestions and comments about how it's not REAL CR25DM any more are welcome!


Ran said...

In celebration of your new layout, I am working on a stylish theme to make the layout more narrow. u_u

Jenx said...

I like it!

Mozai said...

God, you're just imitating It's making this into another vidya gaem blog. You know that the Open Blogging License system is better, you're just doing this to sell more webpages! It's impossible for me to do any roleplaying in the comments section anymore, and I should know because I write the misunderstood-drow LiveJournal account!

Chris said...

I only ever read your blog through an RSS reader so I see no difference.

However, it represents change and like all grognards I hate change.

Please revert it.