Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SA Design Contest - Concept

Alright, so the short version: the Something Awful forums are having a sort of design contest, and I've decided to enter because why not! I will also dump my posts in this blog.

So, basically I need to design an RPG with competitive elements and some cool dice tricks. Also I need to do it in less than a month. Woo hoo!

My idea:

Assholes Among the Stars

The galaxy is young, and the players represent the first sentient life to spread across the galaxy. Those guys who normally appear in sci-fi RPGs as the amazingly advanced precursor civilisation that seeded worlds with life or planted portal networks or other amazing relics before disappearing? That's you. During the game each player's civilisation tries to leave behind just such a lasting legacy, and competes with the other players to see whose is the best.

In most sci-fi tales, though, the precursor races are either enormous assholes or even bigger fuckups. With that in mind the goal of this RPG is not to be the best, but to be the
least worst: the player who gets the closest to succeeding without actually doing so is the winner. The game is designed so that this may require fucking up your own plans - maybe that evil you sealed away isn't as sealed as you think, or your civilisation just straight-up goes into civil war mode and you lose a bunch of tech. It's not good for them, but it's good for you, provided you can push other players into failing even harder or - better yet - "help" them succeed. 

This should be fun. And by fun, I mean for everyone watching me crash and burn.

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DisgruntledFerret said...

That actually sounds kind of neat. :o