Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Which James Desborough Is An Incredibly Sad Man

If you're expecting a followup to that game design contest stuff, it's coming! In the meantime, let's talk about "In Defence of Rape" by James Desborough.

Don't read too much into the title, it is shock bait. The actual article is a defense of rape as a plot device, which is kind of like walking through a minefield with a blindfold and a jackhammer. Read through it and form your own opinion if you like; this is less about the article and more about how Desborough is a manchild.

For example, did you know he has a persecution complex? It is actually kind of hilarious. The dude wants a reputation as an edgy iconoclast who thrives despite being censored by THE MAN so badly he can taste it. If trying to shock people for attention nets him any consequences or criticism, though, watch the fuck out because it's time for an angry post, usually one trying to conflate his cause with an unrelated one!

Banned from RPGnet? WHY DO YOU THINK I'M WORSE THAN HITLER??? I'll get you, RPGnet moderators!

His friend Uri (a lying nationalist who also desperately wants to be an internet martyr) gets banned from RPGnet after posting a map of a fantasy Israel with a racist Palestinian caricature? HE WAS BANNED FOR BEING JEWISH!

A creepy card game about tentacle rape gets pulled off Kickstarter? this is just like the persecution of LGBT people! CENSORSHIP!

Wait, people criticised my post on Twitter? WHY DO YOU SUPPORT CENSORSHIP?

Of course he'll probably get hard just reading this post, but apparently this guy's post has already set off Operation Rape Martyr and part of an old review of one of his works I wrote has already got him posting dumb shit, so I guess it can't hurt!

Anyway, this post! Like I said, I'm not going to bother breaking it all down - look at it yourself, check the comments, do some reading. What I am going to argue, though, is this:

Rape could, hypothetically, be used as a plot device. I can't actually think of any examples off the top of my head that aren't horrible (certainly not in the RPG community, which still has massive issues with objectification of women), but I am prepared to believe that somewhere in this world is someone that can write something about rape that isn't garbage.

The problem is, most people who think they are qualified to do so are wrong. Just look at CthulhuTech (or better yet, my ongoing review on SA), or Dominic Deegan (links to the SA Deegan thread because fuck making people go to his website).

Very few people who think they can do it are right, and they sure as fuck aren't James Desborough.

What makes me think that? Well, a lot of things, but let's go with something from that old post of mine he was crying about because I'm lazy. A long time ago Desborough wrote Encyclopaedia Arcane: Nymphology , a joke book about sex. Now, raunchy comedy in an RPG work is something I can also kinda see, but unfortunately Desborough knows more about misogyny, homophobia and cries for attention than he does about jokes, so that kind of fell flat.

Let's see what Desborough thinks would be funny to write about!

Summon Sex Partner

This spell summons a creature and binds them into your presence or that of a client long enough for a sexual act to take place. The creature summoned may not be entirely willing (some are) but is bound by the magic of the spell to do what is required and cannot return to their home save by fulfilling the demands of the spell. Beware of meeting a previously summoned creature outside the context of the spell or you may well be in trouble.

Huge surprise: Turns out the guy crying about "rape culture" and insisting that he doesn't trivialise rape decided it would be hilarious to write up a spell for a comedy book that lets you summon sentient creatures (or an animate table) and force them to have sex with you. No trivialising for Desborough, no sir! Only the finest, deepest, most "awesome" uses of rape for him!

Holy shit, James. Are you twelve?


Jenx said...

I've found a very handy way of figuring out what's ok to write about and what isn't. If you are not sure if it's ok or tasteful to write about something, but you think you can do it right - you can't. Don't do it.

This works 99% of the time for 99% of the people. The other 1% are the ones who CAN write about it properly, or who are just asshats. One or the other.

Anonymous said...

You know, a thought occurs. Really, it's something I've been whirling around for a long time and thinking about, but I guess it's kinda functional.

Roleplaying as a whole is incredibly people-driven. I mean, roleplaying means different things for every person and every gaming group ever. Rules are always made and used (and modified) by people, and really all that makes a roleplaying game is the people involved in it. So it occurs that it's quite natural for strong egos to rise from this. I mean, just find your own personal gaming group that works with you (by which I mean a circlejerk of yes-men and other supporters), and do it for years and years, and in the end you just might end up becoming what's scientifically known as a douchebag.
Throw in a lot of these in a rather tightly-knit, relatively small community, and you've got a lot of tabletop messiahs all bashing at each others because they're the uberspieler and anyone who disagrees with them is a filthy untermensch.

So, basically, I'm saying that roleplaying has a lot of conceited douchebags because nobody slaps them often enough.

Anonymous said...

So. How exactly do you fuck a table?

Ettin said...

I have been looking at my table trying to suss out this exact question. I am thinking you need to either drill a hole or just sort of fold up the tablecloth. Cloth seems like cheating though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cloth is definately handjob level stuff.

... or possibly, you just use the table legs. You know, if you swing that way.

Meddygon said...

You're assuming that the person wanting to fuck a table is male. Clearly tables are meant for women who would cast the spell. Four women.