Friday, October 19, 2012

Well That Was A Long Time Wasn't It

First off, did you know I actually won an SA design contest for my diceless time travel game Retrocausality? It's true! (at the time of writing I think the paywall is up, but I might throw this up elsewhere.)

Second, worse and even less important news! Due to a whole bunch of stuff coming up in my offline life and some online shenanigans on the side, I am going to go ahead and lay this blog to rest for now. Don't worry, it's all good things. Among other things, I am now somehow a moderator at that Orwellian clusterfuck of a forum (Don't tell them I said that.) Hopefully the "he's a secret goon 4channer Stalinist storygamer troll who has it in for (insert shitty game designer here)!" conspiracy theories are better this time.

Also, check it out! You might like it, despite that time I slagged it off a year or two ago. (PS: Don't tell them.)

Anyway, yeah. Anyone who doesn't already have my deets can reach me at the Something Awful forums, the sup/tg/ IRC or any time they want. (If you want to call me a cunt with impunity avoid the one I moderate, obviously.)

The blogosphere has enough unfunny idiots droning on about minor RPG shit once every two months. You'll live.